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Around Vaga Tour

Country: Tunisia
City: Beja
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Hiking

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Around "Vaga"

Vaga is the ancient name of the city of Beja located in northeastern Tunisia.
The region of Beja is well known for cereal production. This activity has developed since ancient times.
Here, several civilizations succeeded each other while keeping remarkable traces.

Day 1 :
In the vicinity of Beja, a few kilometers to the east of the region, lies the village of Testour.
This small village is the best witness of the Andalusian occupation for certain regions of Tunisia.
Here, between the alleys, you will feel a strong Andalusian presence that manifests itself in the urbanistic composition, the Western architectural style, and the crafts still exercised in the village.

The next stop of the day will be the archaeological site of Dougga. Take a cold meal before you get there.

The World Heritage Site of Ancient Thugga is a Roman archaeological site in Tunisia. An area of ​​60 hectares offers both a beautiful landscape of plains that extend on the flanks of the surrounding hills, and ruins of Punic, Numidian, Roman and Byzantine monuments that tell you the story of an ancient city as well. prestigious.

Overnight at the hotel located in Téboursouk near the archaeological site.

Day 2:
A little to the north-west of Téboursouk, in the delegation of Thibar, on the flanks of Jebel Ghorra, the park of Djebba was arranged to facilitate you the hike. Take time to admire the waterfall and take pictures in the wilderness with breathtaking panoramic mountain scenery.
Do not finish your tour without visiting the city of Beja; chief town of the region, and enjoy the good cheese made from sheep's milk being the local product of this region. Buy some if you like it.

After returning to the hotel.

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