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Jungle Park Tour

Jungle Park Tour Packages
Country: Tunisia
City: Sousse
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Bungee Jumping

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Jungle Park

"Jungle Park" is the first tree climbing park that has been built on 4 hectares in the beautiful gardens of El Ksar hotel.

Tree climbing, also known as forest trail, is a sport of adventure and adventure that is a huge success especially in Europe and consists of climbing and moving through trees safely with equipment specially studied for this activity.

At the "Jungle Park" of Sousse, children can indulge in this leisure from the age of 4 years. 11 courses, with 80 different workshops, ranging in height from 1 meter - for the little ones - and 10 meters - for seasoned athletes - have been created and allow the passage from one tree to another. Each course, which is distinguished by colors: pink for the more accessible to the black for the most energetic, is fraught with simple difficulties at the beginning and which get more complicated as one moves forward. Ends with a zip line, the highest of which extends over a length of 150 meters.

Upon arrival at the park, climbers are supported by instructors who will first provide them with the required equipment (harnesses, carabiners, etc.) for the sake of safety. The equipment used complies with the strict European standards in this area, as well as the instructors were trained through specific internships supervised by qualified supervisors. The children then benefit from a small initiation and a continuous accompaniment from the ground.

The "Jungle Park" is above all a place of conviviality accessible as well to the customers of the establishment as to the visitors of passage without limit of age. Parents can follow the evolution of their children in the different courses.

The installation of equipment necessary for the activity was carried out by French specialists taking good care of the trees that make up the garden of the hotel El Ksar and the environment in general. The tree climbing is closely linked to the protection of nature since it incorporates above all the notion of respect for trees. This hobby also has other physical, sensory, and so on. to develop the awakening of children's senses and increase their self-confidence.

Open all year - except when climatic conditions do not allow it - the park has shaded places of rest and puts at the disposal of the visitors a restaurant-barbeque for meals.

The "Jungle Park" is to discover individually, with family or friends for fun adventures out of the ordinary unforgettable.

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