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Tunisia Popular Places to Visit

The Karting Of Monastir

THE KARTING OF MONASTIR   The Karting of Monastir has two Circuits, an adult of 980 meters and a child circuit of 250 meters. You can organize karting tournaments in group of friends, days for students, companies, with lunch included at very good price. It also has a cafeteria, an excellent Mexican restaurant and a party area. Open every day from 16h to 00h

Ennejma Ezzahra Palace

Ennejma Ezzahra Palace Ennejma Ezzahra, or Baron d'Erlanger's house, is one of the most beautiful houses in modern Tunisia. Built between 1912 and 1922, the house was entirely designed by the client himself with modest assistance from an architect at the beginning of the project. The house overlooks the bay of Tunis and is located on a steep slope of the Cape

The El Feija National Park

The El Feija National Park The El Feija National Park is located in northwestern Tunisia, at the extreme west of the Jendouba delegation and a few kilometers from the Tunisian-Algerian border. The park covers an area of ​​2,632 Ha and culminates at Djebel Statir at 1150m. It was created in 1990 to preserve a mountainous ecosystem characteristic of the Kroumirie Mountains. The park

Djebel Serj

DJEBEL SERJ Jebel Serj is a limestone mountain located in the center of Tunisia, on the Tunisian road. It rises to 1,357 meters above sea level. It is located twenty kilometers southeast of Siliana and sixty kilometers northwest of Kairouan, in the middle of the ridge, halfway between Grombalia and the Jebel Tamsmida. It is about five kilometers wide and twenty

The Roman Theater Of Carthage

The Roman theater of Carthage It is a building of imposing dimensions whose capacity of reception is higher than 10.000 spectators. Built in the middle of the second century, it has the particularity of leaning against a hill, without leaning on it. Indeed, its stands are based on a complex system of arches that protect it from the movement of the ground. In

Tophet Of Carthage

The Tophet of Carthage Located in the immediate vicinity of the Punic ports, the tophet is a sacred enclosure in which the Punics made sacrifices in honor of the protective deities of Carthage, Baal Hammon and Tanit. For a long time prevailed the idea, now disputed by some specialists, that the sacrificed were children immolated in acts of redemption or thanksgiving.

Museum Of Sfax

Archaeological Museum of Sfax This museum is located in the center of the modern city and houses collections that cover all the eras of the history of Tunisia with objects from the city and its surroundings but also from more distant sites. He has just undergone a "facelift" which has refreshed him and made his visit all the more enjoyable. Most of

Museum Of Monastir

Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions Monastir The Tunisian Sahel region, rich in a generous nature and the labor of its children, has very early developed craft activities that substantially complement the resources provided by the land or by the sea and which, for luxury goods, contribute to to durably hoard the fruit of daily work. This is how the craft of

Dar Jellouli Museum

Dar Jellouli Museum Sfax In a patrician house of the eighteenth century, in the heart of the medina of the southern capital, was built this regional museum of arts and popular traditions. The local itself, a legacy of one of the largest families of the Sfaxian bourgeoisie, presents itself, behind a relatively modest facade, in the purest classical style of Tunisian homes. Around

Dar Ben Abdallah Museum

Dar Ben Abdallah Museum Tunis It is a palace of the nineteenth century, inlaid in the heart of the medina, which has been converted into a museum of arts and popular traditions. This palace consists of a main residence, annex apartments and outbuildings, all constituting a real small city closed on itself around a plot communicating with the rest of the neighborhood