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Ain Dhab

El Kef, Tunisia

The underground river of "Ain Dhab"


Aïn Dhab is an extraordinary cave of the Djebel Serdj massif in Siliana, an underground river of more than 3000m of development which reasons difficulty of access and extreme caving! Making the total progress of Aïn Dhab is a challenge for Tunisian speleologists!

Ain Dhab is an underground river located at Djebel Serdj on its western flank, 10km across the Mine Cave. For thirty years it has been explored many times by French speleologists in particular who have reached a development level of 3000m. The first explorations were made in the late 70s and continued at a steady pace until the 90s.

3000m of development, a little less than 1000m are a semi flooded network, sometimes completely drowned in some places. At the end of this gallery, a gently sloping access provides access to the dry fossil network of 9 large rooms, some of which are home to an extraordinary wonder that is famous for Aïn Dhab: extremely thin and transparent fistulous stalactites over 6m long, considered the second longest in the world, after those of a Mexican cave!

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