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Ain Draham

Ain Draham, Tunisia


Ain Draham is a small town located in northwestern Tunisia. It is distant about twenty kilometers south of Tabarka. Ain Draham, a former souk and military camp, is nowadays a city a modest center of local development.

There are several theories explaining the name of this little charming city. Its name which means "source of money" evokes according to some a source of water exploited by the first French camp installed on the spot. The waters of this spring contained mineral residues, especially lead, which gave the places a silvery color. Others insist that this name is a tribute to a woman named Draham, the name of the city would then mean "the eye of Draham".

The city of Ain Draham is in an exceptional natural location. It is a perched site between mountains Jebel El Bir high of 1,014 meters and Jebel Fersig. The city is also surrounded by two valleys: the valley of El Atatfa and the valley El Yafcha. It has a generous nature and sublime mountainous landscapes that make it a destination apart.

Ain Draham is very famous for its forest which is covered by snow during the winter season. It is the forest situation of the city that makes it very attractive. The natural landscapes that surround it and which offer themselves to the view of the visitor are perfect for relaxation.

The city of Ain Draham was originally a French military base. It then became a service village for the French offering education, trade and logging opportunities. It became a tourist destination from 1930. Its residences built in the colonial style, with red tiles, offer a perfect thermal comfort. Its forest, rich in game, especially wild boar, adds to its tourist value for settlers. It also offers the possibility of hiking on foot, horseback or bike with trails for this use.

Ain Draham's visit is a must when visiting Tunisia. These natural landscapes are unique. Nature is an important part of the local culture of the region. Other than its breathtaking views. The picturesque town of Ain Draham offers visitors the opportunity to relax with several spas, steam rooms, heated pools and thalassotherapy centers.

Outdoor activities are also available in Ain Draham. The city offers high level facilities to facilitate hiking and camping in the mountains. There are also several stables in Ain Draham that offer the possibility of riding with good assistance.

In Ain Draham, one can find several places to spend a magnificent stay, with beautiful natural sights, good gastronomy and obliging hospitality. You have a choice of good and comfortable hotels. Some even of these hotels organize wild boar hunts.

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