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Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia, Tunisia

Bulla Regia, Tunisia


Bulla (la) Royale. The name seems somewhat pompous compared to the real place occupied by this city in history, but it is justified by the fact that Bulla was, in the second century BC, the capital of a Numidian principality resulting from the dismemberment of the kingdom of Massinissa, hereditary enemy of the Romans who would eventually beat him.

The foundation of Bulla goes back much higher than that time, as evidenced by the   megaliths and dolmens scattered on the site. In the same way, meager traces of the Punic period attest to the influence of the Carthaginian metropolis on the way of life of a predominantly Numidian population. But it is the Roman occupation that has left us most of the remains that today extend over several tens of hectares.


At Bulla Regia we find all the components of the ancient Roman city: temples, forum, public baths, theater, etc. Some of these monuments, such as the baths erected in the second century, are of imposing size. But the most originality of the site is in the form of villas with floors: a level on the surface of the ground, now quite leveled but of which remain very beautiful shreds of mosaic            pavements, and a level in basement, frequented in the summer to fight the scorching heat that rages here at this time of the year; and we have inherited almost intact  dwellings with superb mosaic pavements, including the dazzling array of Amphitrite paintings worn by a marine centaur, Neptune and two winged geniuses

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