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Carthage Land Tunis


Carthage Land Tunis


Joy is in everything !!

With a stroll in the open air, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can discover all our attractions, shows and entertainment.

This park of a new kind will surprise more than one!

With an explosive blend of 25 attractions all in a tropical setting, this is the "recreation potion" to be tested and approved by millions of visitors. For everyone to find his RHYTHM and his "TOP HIT".

A breath of unforgettable happiness that will make you live tailor-made adventures!


AQUALAND : More than 25 different and original experiences offering you a total immersion and sensations increased! Come enjoy a large wave pool in Tunisia! Take the challenge, hang in there and go down the steep slopes of the various slides of the park! Choose your way well because each toboggan has its route! How about a spectacular fall in a capsule launched at over 80 km / h, with a loop that will freeze the blood of the boldest! Speed, adrenaline and fun, do not miss this breathtaking Tsunami and beware of splashing!

Multislide: Climb to the top of the tower, and once at the top, choose your path.

A refreshing course, composed of 6 impressive slides, which will transport you in a real aquatic race!

Challenge this stunning course by overcoming its changing levels and turbulent waterfalls. There can only be one winner! Do not wait any longer and slide along this aquatic experience, full of adventure and emotions, in one of the most stunning attractions of Carthage Land!

Turbo Lance: Dare to challenge the Turbo Lance in this adventure that you will never forget! Dive totally into the fun, with or without a float, and let yourself be carried by the tumultuous laces of these gigantic slides.

The adventure will end in a stream of laughter and water!

Wave pool: Come enjoy a large wave pool in Tunisia!

That of Carthage Land offers you many hours of fun for the whole family. Two thematic areas, one of which is dedicated to the veiled women, await you for an unforgettable swim.

Experience the intense emotions that the wave pool of Carthage Land has to offer Take the challenge and try to resist the waves without sinking into this pool. As the depth increases as you step into the pool, only you will decide how far you are willing to take risks.

A unique experience you will never forget!

Aqua Tower : Dare to challenge the Turbo Lance in this adventure you will never forget! Dive totally into the fun, with or without a float, and let yourself be carried by the tumultuous laces of these gigantic slides.

The adventure will end in a stream of laughter and water!

Kids Pool : A sensational space and ideally designed so that your "little pieces of cabbage" wade freely.


Drop & Twist Tour: Embark to challenge the clouds and especially do not forget to fasten your seatbelt ... Aboard Drop & Twist Tour, you will climb to a height of 11 meters then descend in free fall or small jumps, the time to find the perfect match.

Ready for the hellish descent in free fall?


Columbus: Discover Pirates Cove, and fight the buccaneers! Take a seat in a colorful pirate ship and swirl.


Pirate Train: Chou Tchou ... Passengers, by car !!!, imminent departure ... Immediate boarding in the little train enchanted to travel a magic and magical landscape. The little ones have also the right to have fun in a beautiful locomotive all adapted for them precisely. Change of scenery guaranteed!


Carrousel: Relive the charm of the past rides, the nostalgia of carousels of yesteryear! A must-see as part of childhood memories of everyone, children, families and friends will enjoy this ride in our beautiful carousel.


Mixtreme: Mixtreme offers you sport, adventure and especially emotion in a unique combination of thrills, endless zip lines, Tibetan bridges and multi-game space, always ensuring maximum security.


Aeroball: Will you burst into the air! Many trampolines will allow children to perform gymnastic prowess and safe jumps. The more adventurous can enjoy weightlessness by making impossible jumps !!!


Wild Orca: Feet in the air, take off for an aerial adventure that will take your breath away!


Bumper Car: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...! The starting signal has been given! Depress the pedal and sow the others through tight turns! The drivers are at the wheel of sacred cars that are spinning, and are still spinning! Ideal for future rally drivers and speed fans!


ALI BABA Parc : Because when we are small we want to discover for ourselves...

Because at that age, we like to manipulate, build, touch, see everything that moves, flows, shines, or makes noise ...

Ali Baba offers your children from 2 to 10 years old activities specifically designed for them and that promote development the sense of challenge, sensitivity, friendliness, physical activity and sharing games, all to discover in amusing.


CINEMA 7D: Live, with friends or family, a unique experience!

We offer many short films of about 5 minutes: you choose the experience you want to live: thrills with a big eight, shivers with the house of horror, a family adventure ... Come fly or dive ... Depending on the chosen film, various special effects await you. Weather conditions such as storms, lightning and rain will be reproduced by spraying, sliding along the legs that will make you jump from your seat. Thrill-seekers, this attraction is for you!!!

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