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Tunis, Tunisia

Carthage, Tunis - Tunisia

Park of the Antoine Baths :

This is the richest and most imposing complex of the archaeological site of Carthage. It consists of the baths themselves, located on the shore, not far from the ancient port installations, and in the opposite direction, of gardens enclosing vestiges dating to different periods of Antiquity. The baths are considered to be amongst the largest of Roman Africa. They were completed under the reign of emperor Antoninus, in 165 AD, after 15 years of construction that started under the reign of Hadrian. The monument stood three levels high and was surmounted by many cupolas. Today, all that remains of this magnificent building are a few clusters of ruins, in particular of the lower level, once occupied by the attendants and services, yet, they provide an idea of the grandeur and majesty of the building. Signage on the ground and elaborate signposting facilitate the visit.

Archaeological site of Carthage :

Carthage was founded in the 9th century B.C. on the Gulf of Tunis. From the 6th century onwards, it developed into a great trading empire covering much of the Mediterranean and was home to a brilliant civilization. In the course of the long Punic wars, Carthage occupied territories belonging to Rome, which finally destroyed its rival in 146 B.C. A second – Roman – Carthage was then established on the ruins of the first.


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