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Dar Jellouli Museum

Sfax, Tunisia

Dar Jellouli Museum

In a patrician house of the eighteenth century, in the heart of the medina of the southern capital, was built this regional museum of arts and popular traditions.
The local itself, a legacy of one of the largest families of the Sfaxian bourgeoisie, presents itself, behind a relatively modest facade, in the purest classical style of Tunisian homes. Around a square courtyard are arranged, one on each side, the inverted "T" shaped living rooms and, with the "living room" facing the front door, with the reduced space is flanked and serve as storage rooms as storage and with the ends of the main part arranged in alcoves to accommodate beds, these rooms are as many apartments inhabited by the descendants generally grouped around the patriarch. Dar Jallouli was built on two floors.
It is in these rooms, especially those on the ground floor, that paintings of traditional daily life in the city of Sfax have been reconstructed, marked by the seal of the urban-rural duality; the population spending a good part of the year in the jnên (kind of haciendas) which surrounded the city until recently.

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