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Djebel Serj

El Kef, Tunisia


Jebel Serj is a limestone mountain located in the center of Tunisia, on the Tunisian road. It rises to 1,357 meters above sea level. It is located twenty kilometers southeast of Siliana and sixty kilometers northwest of Kairouan, in the middle of the ridge, halfway between Grombalia and the Jebel Tamsmida. It is about five kilometers wide and twenty kilometers long. The origin of the name "serj" comes from the particular shape of a ridge of the mountain that is close to the shape of a saddle. This rapprochement has fueled many legends and myths around the formation of this singularity in the neighboring populations of Jebel.

The region was declared a national park by the decree of March 29, 2010. It has an area of ​​17.2 km2. This mountain is considered as a high place of speleology in Tunisia: there are indeed the most beautiful cavities observed so far including Aïn Dhab and the Cave Mine.

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