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Ichkeul National Park

Bizerte, Tunisia
Ichkeul National Park
The Ichkeul National Park, a unique place of its kind in Tunisia and in the Mediterranean region. Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds stop there as the region is one of the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean. The 8500-hectare lake is the last big lake in North Africa. The lake with the Ichkeul Park which covers an area of ​​2740 hectares is a biosphere reserve that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage for its exceptional biodiversity.
Formerly, during the pre-Roman era the chain of lakes extended along North Africa. Today Lake Ichkeul is the last.
Lake Ichkeul National Park receives about 50,000 visitors by. The tour begins with the discovery of a small eco-museum at the entrance of the park to continue to the trails, birdwatching and a foray into the lake with stunning panoramic views.
6 unusual information you do not know about the most famous national park of Tunisia:
• Formerly, around 1240, Ichkeul Park was a hunting reserve for the Hafsid dynasty
• Ichkeul is one of the few parks in the world to benefit from the protection of 3 international environmental conventions
• The lake is linked to the Mediterranean via the Bizerte lagoon through the Tinja canal and a watershed
• The site of Ichekeul is the equivalent in Tunisia of the famous Camargue of the South of France
• To the west, the park is dominated by an extinct volcano.
Since the Middle Ages, the park is also home to a Moorish bath. It is thanks to natural sources of hot and sulphurous water that the park attracts many people for therapeutic reasons. To remove signs of fatigue or muscle soreness after a hike, this hammam in the countryside is beautiful.

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