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On the west coast of Cape Bon, a few dozen kilometers north of Nabel, the town of Kelibia is a port where fishing is done with lamparo, which consists of lighting the sea with a projector fixed to the boat in order to raise fish (sardines, mackerel) on the surface. Kelibia is the fourth largest fishing port in Tunisia. The port district is the most pleasant to visit with the fortress: the port of Kelibia is dominated by the imposing construction perched on the top of a rocky hill. As early as the third century BC, a fort was standing on this site. Dismantled by the Romans, a new fortification is erected under the Byzantines that will not cease to be enlarged and reworked by its successive occupants, especially in the sixteenth century when the Ottomans faced the repeated assaults of the Spaniards. The visit of the fortress is an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panorama that opens from the top of the ramparts: in clear weather, Sicily is visible offshore. Not far from the center, the new district of Kélibia la Blanche borders the beautiful sandy beaches of northern Kelibia: El Mansourah, Hammam Ghezaz. The city also specializes in the production of a famous dry muscat wine produced in the vineyards of the hinterland.

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