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Madinat Al Zahra Park

Sousse, Tunisia

Madinat Al Zahra Park


A park of 12 acres dedicated to 3,000 years of Tunisian history is about to be revealed to you. Let yourself be led, in this atmospheric twilight, through a unique show, unveiling for you such an illumination the civilizations and the beauties of an eternal Maghreb…

The Park :

The Wall : At your arrival, pass through the door of history by crossing the wall of the Medinat ALZAHRA Park and let yourself be guided by the light of the torches towards the setting of an unforgettable show.

The Olive tree path : Come down the slopes of a centenary orchard, go beyond the distinct furrows of the Wadi ,today dry, let your eyes kiss a majestic setting entirely dedicated to your delight.

The Treasures Gallery : Explore the depth of the shaded "souks" discover the Treasures Gallery and experience the riches of ancient craftsmen constantly renewed, progress with a unique remembrance of your evening.

The Berber Encampment : Close to the scenic area of the Sound and Light Show an animated and vivid Bedouin encampment is erected, with its authentic tents of the nomad Bedouins of southern Tunisia. Witness live animals including dromedaries, horses -with pure Arab blood, goats,. and its various traditions, bread making "tabouna" in traditional oven, goat milking, dances and songs…

Alcayde Tent : An area around the Alcayde tents is dedicated to the “Fantasia” where many knights riding pure Arab blood horses compete skilfully in tournaments and races which are typical to traditional fantasias.

The Restaurant “Alzahra” : Within a typically Bedouin framework nestles a large covered hall of 1000 seats. Visitors are received for an authentic dinner whilst being entertained by bands of traditional dances and songs.

Sound and Light Show : Come and discover the most fantastic sound and light show, never before achieved in Africa. On a stage of 3/4 of an acre, a host of approximately 100 actors perform a historical fresco marrying water, fire, image and sound thanks to sophisticated technological equipment.

The Show : Six shadows are breaking through the depths of time. Six women for six cultures.The first one is Berber, she taught me the love of freedom.The second is Carthaginian, light of civilisations. The third is Roman, symbol of order and maturity.The fourth one conquered me at the gallop of her horses, her name is Arabia.The fifth one a vanquisher and lavish Turk.The last one is French.

Carthage : Carthage brings the light of knowledge to the nomad peoples of Africa: dance Carthage! Gather ye fruits of opulence while ye may, for soon you will meet a rival.

 Zama - Pax Romana : Dalenda est Carthago. Thousands of dead… Carthage, you now belong to history. But, Carthage, coming to life again, you were able to charm the Roman eagle and outdo your rival.

Nomad life - arab conquest : The Berbers have returned to the ancient lost lands, but a change of wind is on its way. It is coming from the east, from the caravan cities of arid Arabia. Standards and eyes turned towards the sky, the Arabs conquered the agonising antique world. But a woman on Tunisian ground, as black as a crow, and carrying the smell of ash and death on her, resists. And, in her agony, asks the Berber people to convert to Islam.

Golden age : I, Zahra, have put on my dress of light, and have begun to dance for the one who begot me, the caliph Abdel Rahman. Peace be with you, Tunisia! Raise your eyes and look towards the east. I, Ibn Battouta, explorer of the infinite, I have found unity. Appeased by the aromas of your multicoloured souks, it is with much delight that I watched the Hafside centuries perpetuate the arts of the Maghreb.

Tunis ottoman : Tunis, my darling. Four times you changed hands. Until the day the drumbeats announce the arrival of Turks. The cannons are put in place and charged, allowing the janissaries to walk towards your fortress, and hell to break out.

Protectorate and independence : The French soldiers have landed. A protectorate soon ensures the country’s submission. Still, Tunisia, through her struggle, will recover her independence.

Eternal Tunisia : My child, don’t be afraid, you are not alone. Let your country murmur you its history through the stones and wounds of its abandoned walls. Because he who doesn’t know his past, has no future.

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