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Museum Of Monastir


Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions

The Tunisian Sahel region, rich in a generous nature and the labor of its children, has very early developed craft activities that substantially complement the resources provided by the land or by the sea and which, for luxury goods, contribute to to durably hoard the fruit of daily work. This is how the craft of weaving, especially that of silk, and that of precious metals, have for centuries held the backbone of artisanal activities, in front of the work of clay, that of wood etc. All this is reflected in the museum of arts and popular traditions of Monastir where, however, the traditional costume, especially the female one, holds a place of choice.
In traditional society, the bride's trousseau (costumes, ornaments, woven domestic effects or copper objects, etc.) is held as a "risk capital" for difficult moments. Also, in quantity as in quality, the families are trying to equip their girls with valuable trousseaux: the outfits in very large numbers (dozens for the light pieces) and, for the ceremonial costumes, a very rich decoration, the embroidery is always in gold and silver thread, not counting jewelry.
All this wealth is exhibited at the Monastir Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

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