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Nabeul, Tunisia
Today integrated in the urban fabric of the city of Nabeul, on the side of the tourist area, the ancient site of Néapolis was fortuitously discovered in 1965 during earthworks. Rescue excavations made it possible to discover a unique ensemble of its kind: a true industrial installation of Roman era of making garum and fish salting. We are obviously in the presence of the remains of a large-scale manufacturing company of this famous condiment so much appreciated by the Romans and a large part of which was destined for export to other Mediterranean countries where the Romans broadcast it use. These are large basins where the entrails of the fish and the fry were macerated to produce a sauce similar to the Asian nuoc mam. We can have the remains of rows of fish, salted those for their preservation for a long time.
Parallel to this site, another, opened nearby, allowed him to partially clear a residential area along a beautiful paved road and delivered vestiges of sumptuous homes, mostly paved with beautiful mosaics some of which have been preserved in situ, while others are on display at the Nabeul Museum.

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