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Pheradi Majus

Sousse, Tunisia

The site of Sidi Khélifa (Pheradi Majus)

Sidi Khélifa is a rural town established around the mausoleum of the eponymous patron saint who founded it in the nineteenth century. In the mid-80s, this village was the object of an original experience: an extension according to ancestral architectural techniques and exclusively with local materials. (To have)
The village adjoins an ancient site: Pheradi Majus. The remains found date back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries. These are, in particular, the triumphal gate - intact - which gives access to the forum lined with commercial premises, a nymphaeum where dips water from a spring, a temple capitolin, baths, etc.
At the top of the wooded hill overlooking the site: the walls of a temple dedicated to Venus and transformed into a fortress during the Byzantine period. From there, the view leads to the sea and to the foothills of the Dorsal.

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