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Hammamet, Tunisia

The archaeological site of Pupput

Pupput is an ancient city located about three kilometers northwest of the medina of Hammamet and is now submerged by the tourist area on most of the archaeological site.
Neighboring Neapolis, of which it had probably been a satellite city, Pupput was mentioned for the first time in 168 after being erected as a municipality headed by a council of elected officials. It seems to have taken on a certain importance in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, during which it took a great extension and acquired a large number of public monuments.
In the Middle Ages, the city was defended by a Byzantine citadel. After the Arab conquest, the city took the name of Qasr Zaïd before being, in 1303, taken and ravaged by Catalan pirates, which definitely sounded the death knell of the city on the ruins of which settled the coalmen of the city ​​of Hammamet.

Archeologists' 'salvage excavations' during chance discoveries during earthworks uncovered and saved part of the necropolis and a large residential area with houses, a complex thermal and hydraulic installations. These excavations provided funerary furnishings and architectural decorative elements, in particular, mosaic pavements that reveal a beautiful lifestyle.

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