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Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bousaid, Tunisia

Sidi Bousaid, Tunis - Tunisia

Sidi Bou Saïd is a village in Tunisia steeped in history and culture. Place of passage or retreat for artists and painters, Sidi BouSaïd overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Tunis, the ancient city of Carthage and its remains. Its exceptional location and views, its colors revealed by the bright summer sun, and the richness of its traditional architecture, have earned it recognition as one of the most charming villages in the world and to be nicknamed "the balcony of the Mediterranean".

The natural charm of Sidi BouSaïd makes it a must visit for the tourist who travels in Tunisia. It is also the meeting place for Tunisians coming, summer and winter, to drink lemonade or tea on the terrace of one of the famous cafes or to eat the gastronomic specialties appreciated by locals and travelers in the restaurant. Sidi Bou Saïd is also the meeting place for lovers looking for a romantic setting and appreciate the intimate and tranquil atmosphere that emerges from its richly ornate blue and white alleys.

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