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The Catacombs Of Sousse

Sousse, Tunisia

The Catacombs of Sousse

A real necropolis built in the basement at the end of the first century by Christians to bury their dead in the times of persecution, the catacombs of Sousse are in the form of galleries that stretched for 5 kilometers and which would contain no less of 15,000 burials.
The tombs were built in the walls of galleries on two or three levels. At intervals more or less regular, we note the presence of niches that welcomed the oil lamps that illuminated the labyrinth of their dim light.
Clandestine cemetery, the Catacombs also served as a place of worship and refuge for the first followers of Christianity and were used until the end of the fourth century.
It was also an area of ​​sacred artistic creation, as evidenced by some of the works exhibited at the Sousse Museum: epitaphs and marble engravings, representing sacred symbols (fish, doves, the Good Shepherd, etc.).

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