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The El Feija National Park


The El Feija National Park

The El Feija National Park is located in northwestern Tunisia, at the extreme west of the Jendouba delegation and a few kilometers from the Tunisian-Algerian border.
The park covers an area of ​​2,632 Ha and culminates at Djebel Statir at 1150m. It was created in 1990 to preserve a mountainous ecosystem characteristic of the Kroumirie Mountains.
The park of El Feija represents a dense forest, mainly of zeen oaks and cork oaks associated with arbutus, myrtle ... It is watered by about twenty sources.
The landscape in El Feija is organized as follows: a high subera that covers the moderate altitudes gives way to a zenai that dominates the summits. The water flows in abundance on a floor often completely covered with oak leaves. By suddenly meeting a rough terrain, it forms a small waterfall.
The main objective of the creation of the El Feija National Park was the preservation of a mammal endemic to North Africa that was at risk of extinction: the Berber deer. An enclosure that extends over 417Ha has been developed to preserve this species.
The park is home to other species of mammals, birds and reptiles.
An eco-museum at the entrance of the park exposes the scientific characteristics of the natural environment in El Feija and its components.

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