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The Jughurtha Table

El Kef, Tunisia



The Jugurtha Table is an impressive geological site located in Kalaat-Seanan in Kef Governorate, an 80-hectare plateau at an altitude of 1200 meters. Its cliffs, falling right, have made this place an ideal refuge to escape the enemy. Its access is possible only by the North face, by a narrow path, dug in a fault. Traces of hooves are still visible on these stones.

Everything indicates that this place was a primitive city. There are galleries used as granaries, remains of houses, a fortification, ponds dug into the rock to retain rainwater and sufficient vegetation to feed livestock. Everything suggests that man can live independently for a long time.

It is this setting chosen by the Numidian King Jugurtha to resist the Romans. He took refuge there with his army around 107 BC. The siege lasted months without Marius, head of the Roman army, reaching the top of the rock.

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