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The Roman Theater Of Carthage

Carthage, Tunisia

The Roman theater of Carthage

It is a building of imposing dimensions whose capacity of reception is higher than 10.000 spectators.
Built in the middle of the second century, it has the particularity of leaning against a hill, without leaning on it. Indeed, its stands are based on a complex system of arches that protect it from the movement of the ground.
In addition to theatrical performances, this space hosted various literary events and the famous Apuleius declaimed many works.
Destroyed during the fifth century by the vandals, it was exhumed in the late nineteenth century, partially restored and reused for the presentation of plays or musical galas.
Since the 60s, and after further restorations, this theater hosts every summer a major cultural event: the international festival of Carthage where occur the greatest stars of the song, the renowned theatrical companies as well as the national and national folk troupes. international.
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