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Utique, Tunisia

Utique, Tunisia


Utica is said to be one of the earliest Phoenician trading posts on African soil, probably around 1100 BC (Pliny specifies: 1101!). 

Elder of Carthage, Utica played for a long time the role of capital  before being eclipsed by her neighbor founded at the end of the 9th century BC but quickly increased in power. Associated, sometimes in spite of herself, with the destiny of her neighbor, the city knew good times and dark hours. But at the decisive turning point of the confrontation between Carthage and Rome, she knew how to rank on the right side, which in 146 BC. J-C., Has earned him the privilege of becoming again, for 130 years, the capital of Africa. Then came what happened to most of the ancient cities of Tunisia: a diverse fortune sealed in the seventh century by an irremediable decline.


The archaeological site of Utica, which covers an area of the most modest, is today located 12 km from the sea as a result of the delta embankment of the mouth of the river Medjerda. It includes some buildings on the surface, especially this beautiful "cascade house", but also other houses, temples, a forum, baths, traces of theaters, circuses, amphitheatres, etc.

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