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Djebel Raihane Tour

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El Kef
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HIKING ON DJEBEL RAIHANE Here is a very beautiful hike, long enough to discover the Jebel Rihane. This hike crosses the fields of wheat or barley and the pine forests of Jebel. Part . .
Country: Tunisia
City: El Kef
Duration: 8 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours
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Here is a very beautiful hike, long enough to discover the Jebel Rihane. This hike crosses the fields of wheat or barley and the pine forests of Jebel. Part of the forest unfortunately went up in smoke about 6 years ago, but you can see that the vegetation is slowly coming back. You will also discover archaeological remains lost in the mountains. At the end, the descent into a winding wadi spoils the hike.

The great thing about this hike is that you can do it with young children. Indeed, it is possible to rent a donkey at the farm where you park the cars.

Difficulty: Little difficult:

Duration: 6 hours, for 12 km of walking
Altitude difference: 300 meters
Trail: easy trail uphill on the way; only the descent of a steep firewall is a little more delicate
Technicality: long course

Access: Take the highway from Beja (A3) to the exit Mejez el Bab. We take this exit and go to the city. Take on the left at the first roundabout then the second, direction Goubelat (C28). 14 km further, we arrive at Goubelat. 8 km further, in a small climb, turn right on the small paved road towards Bir Elleuch.

We continue this road for 6km until we cross a small bridge in a curve hairpin. At the next curve, take the track on the left. We note in passing on our left, the remains of an archaeological site. We go up this track for 2km and we park our car at the farm on our right.

Description of the hike:

To start the hike, we go up the paved road about 500m up to a firewall that we take on the left. Go down the firewall and cross a small wadi, leaving the farm on your right. We go up the path that runs along the field of olive trees and continue until reaching a rather deep wadi. The path passes on the left bank of this wadi. The course then continues in a forest that burned a few years ago. Continue along the path that runs along the river. After 400m, go up the right bank of the wadi (left in the direction of the hike!) Then take, on our left, a new firewall.

At the top of this firewall, we will find a large cavity freshly dug. This is a wild search by "treasure hunters". This phenomenon has unfortunately become all too common in Tunisia in recent years. Beside the cavity, we find a broken piece of statue and a fragment of stone covered with a Latin inscription.

Continue about 300m to reach a wheat field.

The hike continues towards the top of the Jebel. The path runs along the wheat fields (be careful not to walk on the plantations), then crosses a beautiful forest spared by the fire. Arriving at the summit, you will reach a gravel track that runs along the ridge. Take it to the left. With a little luck, you will find here beautiful heathers or rosemary plants in full bloom!

Continue on this track for about 1km. The view will clear northward at a steep firewall that plunges to the left. A short lunch break is necessary before the rather dangerous descent!

In case we are going to rent a donkey, go around the firewall by following the path that descends into the forest in a less abrupt way.

Once at the bottom of the firewall, continue straight on the axis of this firewall (bypassing a farm on the left). At the end of 500m, leave this axis taking on the right a small path which follows a wadi. Continue downhill through the wheat fields. Further down we will come to a rather deep wadi.

2 choices are then possible:

If we take a donkey to accompany us, do not go down immediately in the wadi but walk along the right bank along the wheat fields, until we see on our left a farm. Let's descend then in the wadi, and follow the stream in a small way very passable even with a donkey.

If we do not take donkey, we can go down from the beginning in the wadi.

In both cases, continue down along the wadi until you reach a stone dam at the bottom of the wadi. It is then time to go up the left bank of the wadi to reach the farm where we parked the cars, about 500m higher.

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