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Splendid Desert Tour

Splendid Desert Tour Packages
Country: Tunisia
City: Douz
Duration: 4 Day(s) - 3 Night(s)
Tour Category: Desert Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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The Splendid Desert Tour

1st Day: Tunis or Sousse - Matmata - Douz:

* Departure from Tunis or Sousse

* Arrival in Matmata, visit of the troglodyte dwellings, and Lunch

* Continuation to Douz "The door of the desert".

* Arrival at the CARAVAN, Ballad riding camels in the heart of the Sahara (Extra).

* Installation at the Hotel & Dinner

* Special folklore evening in honor of our group

* Disco night.

2nd Day: Douz - Kebili - Tozeur:

* After breakfast, Quad ride, in the heart of the Sahara and in the middle of the sand dunes (Extra)

* Departure to Tozeur via Chatt Ejrid where you can take pictures

* Arrival in Tozeur and Installation at the hotel and free time

* Carriage rides to the palm grove and visit the "Chak Wak Park"

* Return to the hotel for dinner

* Visit of "Dar Chrayet" with its nocturnal atmosphere.

3rd Day: Tozeur - Ong Jmal- Chbika - Tamaghza:

* After breakfast, exit by car pick up to the dunes of "Ong Jmal", where you can take photos of the setting of the movie Star Wars

* Visit of Chebika and Tamaghza mountain oases

* Arrive in Tozeur and free lunch

* Return to the hotel

* Visit the "Nafta basket" at sunset.

* Return to the hotel

* Dinner and folklore evening in Douar El Hafsi

4th Day: Tozeur - Metlaoui -Sousse or Tunis:

* Breakfast and check out

* Transfer to Metlaoui;

* Excursion on the Red Lizard

* 12.30 pm Continuation towards Gafsa

* Free lunch then final departure to Tunis or Sousse.

Visiting the Sahara Desert in Tunisia:

A unique landscape stretching across much of North Africa, the Sahara Desert evokes images of sandy dunes and starry skies.

Visiting the Sahara Desert is an excellent opportunity for tourists in Tunisia with a great sense of adventure, providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences hard to find at any 5-star resort.

How to Get to the Sahara from Tunisia

Although the Sahara can be accessed from almost anywhere in southern Tunisia, Douz is the starting point for all worthwhile trips into the desert.

Douz, the Gateway to the Sahara

Douz is a town built around shady palm groves, beyond which lies the Sahara Desert. Fruit and nuts, in particular dates, can be purchased here before venturing into the desert, much-needed sustenance for the journey ahead.

For those visiting the Sahara from elsewhere in Tunisia, there are several local transport options available including train, bus, louage, and taxi. Tourists should check the best option depending on their departure point.

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